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Our Connecticut Country Retreat

Re.Treat Hartland is nestled into northwest Connecticut on 36+ acres, surrounded by protected land, the Farmington river and many ponds and streams. Just a short beautiful drive to Litchfield, Great Barrington and many other spots for hiking, biking, swimming and skiing. Or maybe you prefer to stay away from public places and hike many private trails from our property! Cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts love Hartland hills and views too!

This beautiful property is available for you to use. Book now through Airbnb!

The Space

Completely restored 1845 Farmhouse. Feels fresh, new and modern within the walls of a historic treasure. All 4 of the fireplaces are fully restored and functional. Central air makes the climate completely controlled for the summer months. The kitchen is massive and a delight to cook and bake in, especially when someone is sitting at the counter keeping you company. Connect to our bluetooth speakers to enjoy whatever music or podcast you choose. There is plenty of room to spread out; to find you own little nook to relax and refresh. Views from each room are delightful, our gorgeous sky with very low light pollution and groomed nature will have you mesmerized. Also, popular for photography meetups!

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