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Stylist Erinn picking color from the color wall

Elemental Beauty

We believe that in life, what is most important is not about the things we have, but the Relationships we develop.  Relationships are what nurture us internally and determine what we project to the world.  When we are surrounded by our people - those we have a strong, sustainable connection with - we are our best selves. 


We feel our most powerful. 

We feel our most beautiful.

We feel our most happy.

It is the Relationships in our life the are elemental to our becoming.

Rhenium Salon and Spa was founded on this idea.  We sought out to find products and services that reflect the importance of elemental and sustainable Relationships with ourselves and with others.  As a result we have become a playful, inclusive community that encourages us all to Reveal our elemental beauty.

We are an education hub for stylists! Ask us about our classes
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