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Massage & Reiki Services

Often we live with pain that we've come to believe is just part of our lives or a part of getting old. This isn't always the case. Massage can give us new perspectives on our bodies or help us relieve tensions we didn't even know we had. Massage isn't just a luxury, it's a part of healthy maintenance for our life.  

If you have any questions regarding what service will be best for your body and spirit's needs, please call Rhenium at 860.651.3535.


Massage Therapy

Manipulation of the body's soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation.

Massage type will be customized to your body. Your massage therapist will go as light or deep as you want/your body needs.

60 Minute Massage $91

90 Minute Massage $134

60 Minute Prenatal Massage $107

90 Minute Prenatal Massage $139


Reiki is a lineage of energy work, your energetic channels are sensed and focused on with universal healing energy. Aiding in releasing energetic blockages and physical/spiritual healing. Sessions can be either in an ordered sequence or intuitive.

30 Minute Reiki $35

60 Minute Reiki $65

Massage Therapy


What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energetic healing art where the practitioner acts as a conduit for healing energy to flow through them and into the participant. Many people experience this differently. Some comment on exceptional heat coming through the practitioner’s hands, feelings of a gentle buzz almost like electricity, to just an overall shift in emotional well being.


What is required of me during a Reiki session?

Nothing. You’re allowed to just lay on the table the entire time and receive. You’re welcome to talk or stay silent the entire time. We recommend just allowing your mind the focus on any sensations or feelings or memories that come up. If ever you feel uncomfortable or want an area focused on for longer, please speak up.


What should I wear?

Whatever you’ll be comfortable in so you can lay down and relax for the length of your session. On our tables, we have to cover you so you’re free to undress to your level of comfort and will  be completely covered throughout the entire session.


What does the practitioner do during a Reiki session?

The giver or practitioner acts as a conduit. It is not their own energy flowing from them into you, but Universal Energy, the energy we all come from and all return to. When the session begins, the practitioner will use a series of symbols and mantras to focus the energy towards you then proceed to make their way through the body, focusing at a series of energetic points. There are sessions that follow a specific sequence, and there are other times when we allow the energy or intuition to guide the session. Sometimes the practitioner’s hands will hover over these areas, other times there may be direct contact with the physical area. You are always free to communicate your preferences and boundaries.

What to expect from your first massage session here at Rhenium:

Plan on arriving a few minutes early for your first session. This can help to avoid any feelings of being rushed to relax. If you are running late, please breathe, relax, and concentrate on arriving safely. Upon arriving, one of our therapists or receptionists will ask if you need to use the bathroom. We want you to be comfortable while on the table. 

When ready, the therapist will guide you back into one of our service rooms where we’ll do some intake with you. This is your first, but not last, opportunity to share what you need from your massage session. Feel free to communicate areas where you want concentration, depth of pressure, areas you don’t want to work on, and any medical factors that may be an issue such as previous injuries, blood pressure, cardiac issues, pregnancy, or any other conditions your therapist should be aware of.

Once intake is finished, the therapist will leave the room. You are then free to start undressing to your level of comfort- this means whatever you do or do not want to wear while on the table. Then, slide between the sheets either face down or face up depending on what your therapist said. You will be covered by the sheets other than the areas being directly worked on throughout the massage. 

After the therapist has washed their hands, they will knock on the door and check if you are ready. When you’re ready, the therapist will enter and check in that the room is comfortable. If anything needs to be adjusted; music, temperature of room or table, position of face cradle, etc, please feel free to communicate this to your therapist. 

During the massage the therapist will check in with you on pressure. If at any point something doesn’t feel comfortable, feel free to speak up. If you asked for more pressure initially and then wanted less, we are here to make sure you get the best massage you can get. At one point, you will be asked to flip over so we can work the other side of your body. This is the most physical work you will have to do throughout the massage. The more you can let go, the better.

Once the massage is complete, the therapist will leave the room. Once they have left, take your time, move mindfully as you get off the table and feel the shifts in your body. After getting fully dressed, your therapist will meet you on the other side of the door with some fresh water before guiding you back up to our front desk.

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