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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a claspless piece of customized jewelry that is welded right onto your body. This allows you to keep it on as long as you’d like to, and can be easily cut off at home with scissors or nail clippers. This is TSA safe and will not need to be removed for travel.

Come in and leave with a brand new, beautiful piece of jewelry that’ll last as long as you want it to! Match with family, friends, or treat yourself! 

Book ahead now!

Walk-ins welcome Tuesday-Saturday



Bracelet $75

Anklet $85

Ring $30

Purse/Water Bottle Chain $40

Charms, Links, and Connectors $25 each

Necklace/Body Chain $10 per inch

Reattachment Fee $20



Is It Safe?

Permanent jewelry is 100% safe! The weld is fast, the cooling is instant, and your skin is additionally protected with a leather patch. If you’d like to watch the welding process, we have glasses you can wear or you can watch through your phone’s camera.

How Does It Work?

Start off by choosing a chain style and color. Next you’ll be able to pick from different charm types. We’ll figure out where you want your piece of jewelry and then pick a length that’s comfortable for you. The piece will be welded on and polished. It’s simple, quick, and requires little aftercare!

Will It Tarnish?

No, your piece will not tarnish. Made out of 14K gold-filled or sterling silver, you can wear it in the shower, in the pool, in the ocean, at the gym, to bed, everywhere . Wherever you go, it can go with you (except an MRI machine of course)

How Permanent Is It?

While permanent jewelry is made to last, permanent does not mean invincible! It is still a piece of fine jewelry, and can snag on things as any other piece of jewelry has the potential to. They are designed for everyday wear and tear, and can last years with the proper care.

What If I Have To Take It Off?

If you need to take your jewelry off, you can use a nail clipper or scissors to snip it. Make sure you snip it on the round jumpring that was welded on! If you save your chain, you’ll be able to receive one complimentary reattachment (of a chain you received here). Any reattachments after that will be $20.

All sales are final.

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