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Meet Sophie
The face behind More of the Good Stuff

I'm learning to shift focus in ways that align with where I want to be in my life. I became a coach because I wanted to help people who were like me- struggling to find a home in their bodies. Not sure how they'll get out of bed. Constantly getting a new protocol because maybe this new blend of 20+ supplements will help more than the past blend. It got tiring. It was hard to manage. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my mom and my partner there to organize it all for me. It's just TOO much information all at once, and it was when I was in a space of feeling so sick I couldn't think about anything at all let alone what I needed to take at what time and what have I already taken today again? It was exhausting. My love for tarot grew as I was able to practice from bed, and with that my connection to the spirit realm. I like to say I'm "in maintenance" now instead of "chronically ill". It took a long long long time for me to realize that yes, I was sick, but now I am healed and have to get out of the mindset of being sick. I am capable and happy and healthy and it became clear it was my job to feel those things for myself. I now have energy, and the energy to help others manage and organize all of this wealth of information that we're given from practitioners. It fuels my soul. Soul on fire. My coaching has transformed into coaching, care coordination, healthy food swaps, and personalized recipe booklets. I've now been practicing tarot 8 years for myself and 6 for other people, and it lights my soul up every time. I've found my creativity again through permanent jewelry and social media management, and I have more holistic health and bodywork certifications in the works to continue to forge my way. Things are transforming for me, and I can't wait to share how with you all. I'm excited to be excited again- let's get you excited again too ❤️‍🔥 my books are open. Thank you for hearing my story, and I can't wait to hear yours!

Meet Sophie

More of the Good Stuff

Certified Holistic Health Coaching


More of the Good Stuff is a 6 month program (of 13 sessions) that serves your mind, body and soul. Together you and our certified Holistic Health Coach, Sophie, will work towards achieving,

then maintaining your goals.

Health coaching is also offered session-by-session if preferred over a 6-month program.

Things you could work on:

  • Cravings and nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Home cooking and environment

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Meal planning

  • Connections between all of the above

All first sessions are complementary.  The 

More of the Good Stuff  program is $900, or $75 per session.  

Please inquire about payment programs.

More of the Good Stuff service room
Holistic Health Coaching
Care Coordnation/Recipes

Care Coordination

Recipes, Resources, and More

Do you have a new diet or medical/holistic protocol to follow and organizing it all is just too much? This plan is perfect for you! As a fellow auto-immune survivor and as someone who loves to eat, Sophie understands the struggle of having to adjust a lifestyle. It’s hard to even make sense of all these new things you’re supposed to do and change and pay attention to. Allow Sophie to

More of the Good Stuff

make your life easier by organizing all of this new information in a way that’s understandable and easy to follow, as well as give you tons of yummy foods and recipes that nourish you and satisfy your cravings.

Do you just want yummy, healthy foods and recipes that are easy, affordable, and at your fingertips 24/7? Don’t have a health protocol or anything specific you have to follow, but you struggle to think of what to eat for all 3 meals everyday? This is still perfect for you! All plans are customized to the individual, so that you have your specific needs met!

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