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More of the Good Stuff

Certified Holistic Health Coaching


More of the Good Stuff is a 6 month program (of 13 sessions) that serves your mind, body and soul. Together you and our certified Integrative Health Coach, Sophie, will work towards achieving,

then maintaining your goals.

Health coaching is also offered session-by-session if preferred over a 6-month program.

Things you could work on:

  • Cravings and nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Home cooking and environment

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Meal planning

  • Connections between all of the above

All first sessions are complementary.  The 

More of the Good Stuff  program is $900, or $75 per session.  

Please inquire about payment programs.

More of the Good Stuff service room

Care Coordination

Recipes, Resources, and More

Do you have a new diet or medical/holistic protocol to follow and organizing it all is just too much? This plan is perfect for you! As a fellow auto-immune survivor and as someone who loves to eat, Sophie understands the struggle of having to adjust a lifestyle. It’s hard to even make sense of all these new things you’re supposed to do and change and pay attention to. Allow Sophie to

make your life easier by organizing all of this new information in a way that’s understandable and easy to follow, as well as give you tons of yummy foods and recipes that nourish you and satisfy your cravings.

Do you just want yummy, healthy foods and recipes that are easy, affordable, and at your fingertips 24/7? Don’t have a health protocol or anything specific you have to follow, but you struggle to think of what to eat for all 3 meals everyday? This is still perfect for you! All plans are customized to the individual, so that you have your specific needs met!

Tarot Spread with the Star on top

Dream Interpretation


Have you had a dream lately that really stuck with you? Whether it was weird, scary, funny, or just plain confusing, Sophie can help you get to the bottom of what it means and what it’s reflecting in your life.

20 Minute Session - $20

Tarot Card Reading

Sophie is a tarot reader and dream interpreter who has been practicing for 6 years. She uses a few different decks of tarot cards and offers a few different time lengths for readings. Your session will include a mini consultation before we start the reading to figure out what spread is best for you and what’s going on in your life, but for reference, the spreads will typically be as follows:

15 minutes - $15

30 minutes - $30

45 Minutes - $45

60 minutes - $60


During your session, you and Sophie could ask for a general message your spirit guides want you to know, or you can focus on whatever is specifically of concern for you.

Inquire about party/event pricing

Starry Sky


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